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icon Structural Specialty Glass

icon Display Application Glass



icon Structural Specialty Glass

icon Nano particles : The cutting edge nano technology turns normal glass into a heat blocking glass while maintaining high transparency.

icon Optical adhesives : Well designed UV curable resin make it possible to produce the interlayer adhesives for glass laminates without huge equipment like autoclave.

icon Chemistry and optics on materials : Control of organic materials and inorganic materials is critical to accomplish the balance between optical properties like transparency and haze, and physical properties such as impact resistance and fire-resistance.



icon Display Application Glass

icon Holographic Effect : Through control of hydrophilic materials and hydrophobic materials, transparent holographic images can be embodied.

icon Excellent Resolution : Due to Ultrafine particles dispersed in light diffusing layer between glass or polymer panes, you can project vivid images on the rear side of Projection Screen at transparent, translucent or opaque state.

icon Wide Viewing Angle : Almost 180 degree or 360 degree of viewing angle of the projected images on the screen glass has been accomplished by highly planned design of optical properties such as light scattering and light diffusion.

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